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Daily Classical 2h 30m 228
Daily HyperBullet 1h 95
Daily Crazyhouse 2h 32
Hourly Blitz 56m 78
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 79
Daily Chess960 1h 0
BitChess Hyperbullet 1h 30m 10
Estrin ½+0 Rated 2h 13
Akopian 2+0 Anti Rated 1h 30m 12
Gelashvili ¾+2 Atom Rated 1h 30m 10
Azmaiparashvili 3+2 30m 3
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  1. Crossing the 2000 rating noob2chess Nice job BAPI. Good luck on LM.
  2. Filter options bufferunderrun Okay, so I assume the answer is no. Thanks.
  3. New Study (beta) feature perrythepigg There is no way to view a "repository" of studies. "Public" doesn't me…
  4. How can improve my opening? Masquerade Oh yeah and for black, mirror the opponents FIRST move. If they play…
  5. How can improve my opening? Masquerade If you don't want the generic response "you shouldn't be studying the …
  6. Filter options Clarkey It's a bit of a trade off. If engine abusers get barred from all games…
  7. How can improve my opening? Dolg I would actually suggest you to take a very little look at all main op…
  8. Anyone Want To Help Build This… Konadios Essentially, any Crazyhouse players who want to help on this?http://en…
  9. Puzzle 31418 ** owltuna You are correct. The really interesting thing is that the variation yo…
  10. Filter options bufferunderrun But is it possible for unrated games?
  11. Filter options Clarkey Play rated games.
  12. Filter options bufferunderrun Is there a way to avoid being paired up with people who use chess comp…
  13. Puzzle 31418 ** Chess_Lessons Hello, Today I played Puzzle 31418, After some thought, I played Bd2+…
  14. How can improve my opening? dinoucs Thank you all. I only know one opening move (d4). and I don't know how…
  15. How can improve my opening? JanTouchTheSun Do not study the openings till you have about 2000 at classical chess,…
  16. Error in training 28667 Gigs You are right. Qg7 after exchanging bishops gets you a pawn and doesn…
  17. How can improve my opening? Chesseph I used it during casual games
  18. How can improve my opening? JohnTitor48 @Chesseph, Consulting a Book Opening during live games is illegal! Yo…
  19. How can improve my opening? Chesseph When you see the opponent make a…
  20. Error in training 28667 capacha Hi, The training problem isn't c…
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