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Daily Classical 2h 30m 123
Hourly Crazyhouse 56m 34
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 99
Hourly Bullet 26m 3
Daily Crazyhouse 2h 1
Daily HyperBullet 1h 2
BitChess Hyperbullet 2h 73
Petrović 0+1 KotH 1h 10
Spassky 2+0 Anti Rated 20m 4
Schories 2+0 Anti Rated 2h 1
Ljubojević 4+2 Atom Rated 40m 1
Unzicker 0+1 Atom Rated 25m 1
Boden 3+0 960 Rated 40m 1
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  1. Tournament score bug flugsio Looks to me like you did
  2. BitChess - Tournament calendar… ASIMTROTE well then, we've 1/2+0. The chances of cheating are nearly .01% and…
  3. BitChess - Tournament calendar… BitChess Crazyhouse is almost engine free. As an example: JannLee and maste…
  4. "how lichess works" - checkmat… giocounpo @3&4 : could you please show me a game played on your computer? i did…
  5. BitChess - Tournament calendar… ASIMTROTE why so much of crazyhouse... all variants should get an equal chance.…
  6. where did i go wrong (other th… MQBlank Re-evaluate position, especially when the change is dramatic. 5. Bx…
  7. BitChess - Tournament calendar… black_jack That awkward moment when your eyes forget to see the last 's of the ni…
  8. BitChess - Tournament calendar… BitChess Perhaps in the future.
  9. BitChess - Tournament calendar… s3r9x BitChess, do you plan to host Chess960 tournaments? Would be fun to …
  10. Pausing correspondence games LDJ @gr8m8m8: I don't get the point of your reaction.. Tournament games is…
  11. where did i go wrong (other th… Puzzletraining it was not a normal game since he started with an upper piece so with…
  12. Tournament score bug Aporshakov Question to admins. Why didn't I get any points for this game in today…
  13. where did i go wrong (other th… SirHerpington Tactics is only a small part of the game in its entirety. Position, …
  14. BitChess - Tournament calendar… BitChess You are right. This one:
  15. BitChess - Tournament calendar… rondep Awesome! Thanks. :) (The second Crazyhouse Madness link is wrong th…
  16. BitChess - Tournament calendar… BitChess Here is the current calendar for all upcoming tournaments: http://e…
  17. where did i go wrong (other th… Peristilo The big problem is that you blunder too much. And you don't pay any at…
  18. where did i go wrong (other th… Puzzletraining u played quite well, ur mistake was to give counterplay in the h file …
  19. "how lichess works" - checkmat… noob2chess I wish there was a mode called punishment and it went at its full stre…
  20. where did i go wrong (other th… black_jack The tactics are nice but your overall plan should not focus on just mi…
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