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  1. correspondence games - engine support DanDan2016 This is allowed only in a casual game where both sides blatantly agree […]
  2. Is attacking the queen side in […] NM DrunkTal Although it may not be as flashy with fewer chances for sacrifices and […]
  3. Is attacking the queen side in […] Dionysus_god Yes queenside minority attacks are a common idea and are often played […]
  4. correspondence games - engine support pirania147 is it allowed or not?
  5. Is attacking the queen side in […] TwinkleToes While it may be true that attacking on the king side may have a psycho […]
  6. Is attacking the queen side in […] MrSecertAgentMan maybe also someone would attack on the queenside because they have a s […]
  7. Is attacking the queen side in […] Masquerade Thanks for your insight!!! One of the problems I am facing is determin […]
  8. Tournaments Ratings vs Normal […] Dionysus_god I don't think that berserking is responsible for the lack of ultra-hig […]
  9. Tournaments Ratings vs Normal […] cptmajormajor I am not interested in seeing those sort of ratings, If you are a reg […]
  10. Chess Royale carlosaviles Great, thanks for the feedback! I take note of the idea with chess clu […]
  11. Chess Royale Hellball Sounds like a neat idea and the UX looks fantastic. Not for me, I'm to […]
  12. Chess Royale carlosaviles I created a site to help players find each other and play OTB chess. I […]
  13. Is attacking the queen side in […] Dionysus_god "If your opponent (concentrating on the queen side) is threatening to […]
  14. Is attacking the queen side in […] Dionysus_god I'm no master, but personally I believe that controlling the center is […]
  15. Is attacking the queen side in […] Hellball According to one book I read (DB Pritchard's "The Right Way to Play Ch […]
  16. Feature requst: text selection […] chunkymonkey aha! I have the very solution for you!
  17. Feature requst: text selection […] vulpes514 Sometimes I need copy text to translate it, but I can't do it because […]
  18. Beat boxing Dionysus_god I'm better than him but she's a pro.
  19. Is attacking the queen side in […] Masquerade I'm just wondering because attacking the king side seems to be more fo […]
  20. Not loading in training. kkinley Hi! I haven't been playing long to post in Q & A so I'll post here. Wh […]
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Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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